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Years in the shadows of the past
can rob a man of his senses.
I cried, I laughed, I ate and drank
and lived on all my pretences

Her charms were sharp, for they split the skin
dug deep and reached swiftly the heart
she made me dream of soul of sin
she denied it, 'twas her art

Chained I am in the fragrance of her nape
it lingers on my breath as I take her name
every time we caress her hourglass shape
I cannot part, devoid of shame

Her curves are muse to this poet now wordless
I write in a trance of her heady voice
Her words are the fuel that drive me worthless
I long to be the kiss of her choice

It matters not if I possess,
her, for I confess,
she, will always be the One I caress
as I lie each night waiting for her..
my Conqueror.


As Winter was exiled, so was I,
Spring came strong like the feeling of unrequited Love,
driving me into the cosy clutches of my room, I hide,
from the suffocating warmth and care of the Sun above

Waves of inelegant darkness colour my pensive face,
as looking out through clear windows I see the World rejoice,
Shall refuse, not by decree nor by force,
Be recluse, for its the poet's own choice

What goodness lies in lying spring?
I hide my scars from the gaze of onlookers
who hide me from their conscious, their eyelids closed.
I wash my sins in the rain of moral degradation
as did every man who wrongfully chose

Spring is pompous, loud, but forgiving
akin to the hordes to whom it pays pleasure...
it rewards sinners and winners alike giving
credence to their ill gotten treasure

Come not to me with your stories Lord,
of the green pastures, the painted flowers, the blooming corn..
the Joy of Spring is but a charade of discord
hidden by the innocent cry of the new born

I will refrain from the rejoicing,
until I see Spring once again be an arm of passion,
accuse and point the Sun's finger voicing
our evil done with scarce compassion

Till then,
speak not to me of Spring's caress,
for I am mute until I pay for my sins.

Of Peter Pan, Rainbows and Spring bread...

Ever chanced to see a rainbow in Spring?
They say a rainbow is vilification
of laughter and love,
of your birth and mine,
its justification

Beneath its semi-circled hue lies red to blue
the Earth itself is painted vignette
from Lord's leaky palette

With the farthest colour He paints sky and saline,
and Sunset he paints with red wine...
With yellow Sun He bakes ripe
into what the harmonious Green breathed life

On afternoons lazy, the children crazy with glee
playing hide-seek 'neath the clouds meek that flee
running as hard across the sky as the young
as far as the wind has them flung

Moon arrives soon complimenting the North star
which from afar seems a twinkling eye
that peeks from the violet sky
watching the World walk home from above
clutching in their hands fingers of true love
to a home baked warm like bread
to tuck their little dividends to bed
I believe not in fairy tales but we are all Peter Pan
and 'tis seasonal Spring that wakes me,
makes me a younger man....

Where we left off...

Oft when the night is clad by lesser light,
I lie still bathed in moonlit blue,
bartering reasonable for a love seasonable,
it's thoughts and dreams I shape from you

You are the saline I wipe shyly,
you are the smile keeping me calm,
yet teasing me till I lose entirely,
falling senseless to your charm

With thoughts attired in confusion
my mind refuses to see,
not your flesh and fragrance but illusion
causing this madness in me

The black scent of our ecstasy
still reeks the forgotten halls,
your breath, your scream, your fantasy
echoing in the bedroom walls

I seek once again the familiar bloody stain
on my skin where your finger bore,
creating patterns on your white lingerie
lying unworn by the bedroom door

Of Winter born...

I was merely seven that day,
when father had passed away,
alone and lifeless lay he
mirroring the stoic surroundings
of a land strangled by the cold winter

It would be hours before
the four shoulders rise glum
to take their brother upon them
for his time hath come

It was left to me to weild axe
as father had taught
and keep my mother and sisters warm
till mourners arrived to soothe the trouble fraught

Dark and foreboding stood the woods,
black as the Death whom I now know,
cold and stifling life,
covered by the heartless snow

It called to me, did the forest, and warned me to stay clear
its branches reaching skywards to trap the Moon
its mountains spreading coal blindness for miles
its hooting owl and laughing hyena rejoicing at my fear

Those thirty steps beat faster my heart
shuddered my breath and shivered my hand
yet still I walked into the winter's lair
and chopped till it was firewood, till a boy became a man

I turned once when out and stared back in
and the dark woods stared back,
with fear shaking its branches thin,
an act of defiance that the World could see
now caused winter to be afraid of me

Some said, a boy for whom the dark brought tears
for once stood up to face his fears,
yet all I would say is, Not fear but destiny rather,
it made me face winter, for one must avenge his father


Away from the verses of wild rambles,

Sketching portraits, for muse, inner peace,

We stare with pride at what we unachieved,

Lying uninspired on the mantelpiece.

Rippled Moon...

On a bed of water, softly watch it sneak,
across the plane of droplets clutched as one,
betrayed by the gaps in sails, it peeks,
much after the blue has swallowed the sun

From edge of Sea, which we Horizon claim,
a saline Pied Piper calling out our name,
oft we are charmed to starve well-fed domicile,
wade into water in search of glorious futile

Alas! Upon the fall of a pebble mischievous,
slithering across waves imperious,
we regain posture, for sea legs be crippled,
cursed be the one, who has the Moon suddenly rippled

A Lovers Return...

Sometimes, my love is a gentle wish,
On soft summer night she sits in grace,
And when I turn to her face,
She shifts her lips to mine and we kiss,
My love is gone, so I reminisce…

As showers touch the window pane,
we grasped and gasped rushing out insane,
insane in our dances, ignoring subtle nuances,
we spent half the days in the showers,
and nights under covers till late hours,
My lover still truant, am salvaging from the ruins…

On nights of winter by burning embers,
Dry lips now keenly remember,
Her remedy for the seasonal cold,
Was a moment of closeness so bold,
It brings misty eyes, through shiver recollect
My love is lost, so I resurrect…

Hope Springs, with its fresh flowers born
and fragrance of warm bread and corn,
as I pack my bags and place the keys,
of our once loved dwellings, a breeze
brings to me a familiar scent,
I turn to see my love, teary, at the door,
and rush to her scaterring bags upon the floor,
My love has returned, Was I ever spurned?

To rest a pair of painful feet...

On outstretched hands,
over coveted lands,
through killing fields 
blades of grass,
which cut as you pass,
I have walked,unchallenged and free,
let me be.

Never a simple road I took,
never stopped to quench by the brook,
never rested for I was being tested,
turning around,I never did see...
let me be.

Now,you ask,to trace my path,
You refuse me a cleansing bath,
I am abhorred to see his Grace,
with such ignorance on his face...

My soul demands it be returned,
my body has already burnt,
give me another to seek,
but make me humble and weak,
so I may be twisted onto your path,
and face not again your wrath...

let me fail this ethereal test,
push me below for eternal rest,
my feet have walked while you talked...

Slippery grip on reality...

Often I stare at the sky devoid of cloud,
Waiting for a drop that never falls,
Often I seek answers to questions,
Writing tirelessly on empty walls

I am a believer; I seek nightingales with clipped wings,
Stay with me, for only I can make a broken nightingale sing

Often the stars shoot across the blue,
I wish for I believe in a second try,
Often I paint with seven shades of white,
lending my credibility to your lie.

I am a dreamer; I seek prisoners with memory intense,
Stay with me, for only I believe in your innocence

Often tears escape when it is darkest,
I give in to fears before dawn,
Often the light that I seek for you,
are for a smile I pawned

I am a loser; I seek solace in your pain,
Stay with me, for only you can cover me when it rains.